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Keep your users safe as you scale

As your user base grows, the task of protecting them becomes increasingly difficult. This is why all our KYC tools are built to scale. Whether you are verifying 100 users or 1 million the experience should be quick, easy and secure.

Preventing fraud in record time

There is no need to manually check records, let our AI do the work for you. With Smile Identity’s KYC and computer vision technology you can effortlessly and effectively verify users in under 3 seconds. Weeding out bad actors quickly saves you time and money.

Frictionless onboarding

Using image capture technology as a means of identification reduces the amount of information your user has to provide. A few quick snapshots and they are verified.

Compliance without borders

With experts located in 10 countries, we deal with regulatory complexities and keep tabs on the ever changing requirements, ensuring you are always compliant every step of the way.

Partners who trusted Smile Identity from the start

  • “Our partnership with Smile Identity has given us the compliance tools and flexibility we need to move fast and onboard users swiftly.”

    Tayo Oviosu

    Tayo Oviosu

    CEO, Paga

  • “Smile Identity’s liveness checks, identity verification, and AI-aided fraud detection service have allowed us to focus on other important things.”

    Babs Ogundeyi

    Babs Ogundeyi

    CEO, Kuda Bank

  • “Smile Identity provided us with better KYC that improved our onboarding KYC accuracy with more reliable customers and reduced fraudulent applications”

    Olayode Opeyemi

    Olayode Olayemi

    CEO, Palm Credit

  • “Using Smile Identity we were able to bring down our cases of reported fraud by 85–90%.”

    Chirag Garg

    Chirag Garg

    Product Manager, Umba

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