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17 Million Reasons to Smile in Uganda

Smile Identity is pleased to announce the addition of Uganda, the pearl of Africa, to our list of covered countries!

This addition brings the total number of unique identities covered by Smile ID across Africa to over 300 million and counting.

This also gives Smile Identity the widest reach, and most comprehensive coverage of unique identities across Africa; more than any other KYC and Identity Verification provider on the continent.

Starting immediately, all verified Smile Identity Partners will be able to onboard users in Uganda using the Uganda National ID.

There are 17 million unique identities in the NIRA Uganda database. For Smile ID partners, this means 17 million potential customers who can be onboarded in only a matter of seconds.

Your existing Smile Identity integration means you already support Uganda. All you need to do is specify it in the ID type field.

If you need help getting started, or simply have questions about scaling into Uganda and where to begin, we are happy to offer you support.

Click here to schedule a call with our Uganda team and get firsthand, on-the-ground information.

As we like to say at Smile ID, you now have 17 million new reasons to Smile!

We can't wait to see what you build in Uganda.