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Product Features & Benefits

  • User information straight from the source

    Fulfil your KYC requirements with peace of mind. Receive detailed user information straight from the data authority itself.

  • Extra security

    Compare a user-provided selfie to the photo on file with the ID authority. This ensures that the personal information returned by the ID authority actually belongs to the user submitting them.

  • Streamlined UX

    Biometric KYC may add an extra element into your flow, but we designed it in a way that is seamless and easy for your users.

Our goal at Paga is to fix the banking infrastructure problem in sub-Saharan Africa with a large segment of the population remaining unbanked or using cash as a means of transacting. In simple terms, we want to build a better society by making it easy for people to access and use money.

Tayo Oviosu

Tayo Oviosu

Founder & CEO, Paga

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