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Product Features & Benefits

  • High accuracy

    SmartSelfie™ is designed for African faces: we have trained our machine learning algorithms on over 5M African faces to produce a 99.8% matching accuracy rate, in real time.

  • Biometric authentication

    Multi-factor authentication is increasingly leveraging biometrics over one-time passwords and SMS codes. SmartSelfie™ lets you stay ahead of the curve by allowing you to register and reuse stored selfies for a better user experience.

  • Extra security

    Each SmartSelfie™ includes a liveness check that is powered by 6 AI-based anti-spoof models and is backed by real-time human review.

Smile Identity is an innovative and technology driven company. Their services are up to standard and flexible. Integration with Smile Identity is smooth and reliable, we are excited to see what else Smile ID can bring for us to improve our product.

Olayode Opeyemi

Olayode Opeyemi

CEO, Palmcredit

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