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Accelerate your startup's growth

The Smile For Success program will provide $10,000 in usage credits to eligible startups to help them start their identity verification journey.

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Everything you should know

Your startup must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must have an already launched product in the market.
  • Must have active customers with revenue.
  • Must have less than $1M in funding.
  • Must have launched less than a year ago.

Get unlimited access to all Smile Identity products, $10,000 in usage credit, and learn best practices from industry experts across Africa.


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Allow in trusted users from the start

  • Widest coverage in Africa

    Integrating with Smile Identity once gives you access to pan-African coverage.

  • High accuracy on African faces

    Our artificial intelligence and identity verification tools have been specially designed for African faces and have a 99.8% accuracy rate.

  • Quick and Easy Verification

    Verify your users quickly and easily onboard customers without compromising your user experience.

  • Our Products

    Smile Identity provides the best solutions for real time Digital KYC, identity verification, user onboarding, and user authentication across Africa.

  • Basic KYC

    Verify that the personal information submitted by your users matches what is stored in the ID authority database. We return a value of match, partial match, or no match.

    Learn more about Basic KYC

  • Enhanced KYC

    We query a user’s identity information at an official ID authority, using their ID number, and returns that information.

    Learn more about Enhanced KYC

  • Biometric KYC

    We match a user-submitted selfie to the photo on file in an ID authority database, so you can be sure that your users are who they say they are.

    Learn more about Biometric KYC

  • SmartSelfie™ Authentication

    We authenticate your users with our innovative facial verification technology which combines face matching, liveness and spoof checks, all with a high rate of accuracy.

    Learn more about SmartSelfie™ Authentication

  • Document Verification

    We verify the authenticity of 142 IDs across 100 countries to validate the identity of your customers.

    Learn more about Document Verification

  • Business Verification

    Directly access government business registries in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa in real-time.

    Learn more about Business Verification

Partners who trusted Smile Identity from the start

  • “Our partnership with Smile Identity has given us the compliance tools and flexibility we need to move fast and onboard users swiftly.”

    Tayo Oviosu

    Tayo Oviosu

    CEO, Paga

  • “Smile Identity’s liveness checks, identity verification, and AI-aided fraud detection service have allowed us to focus on other important things.”

    Babs Ogundeyi

    Babs Ogundeyi

    CEO, Kuda Bank

  • “Smile Identity provided us with better KYC that improved our onboarding KYC accuracy with more reliable customers and reduced fraudulent applications”

    Olayode Opeyemi

    Olayode Olayemi

    CEO, Palm Credit

  • “Using Smile Identity we were able to bring down our cases of reported fraud by 85–90%.”

    Chirag Garg

    Chirag Garg

    Product Manager, Umba

Trusted by Africa's fastest growing companies

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Smile Identity Scale Up Program

Is the program free?

Yes, the Smile for Success startup program is free for all startups. No application fee is required.

What are the benefits of this program?

The benefits include:

  • Eligible startups will get access to all Smile Identity verification solutions except where access is restricted by licensing or regulatory requirements.
  • We are giving eligible startups $10,000 Smile usage credits.

    • The Smile usage credits will enable startups to onboard between 20,000-30,000 users - enough to take your business to the next level.
    • The Smile usage credits are not transferable and expire after 6 months.
  • Exclusive invite to a networking session to meet and connect with top stakeholders and market leaders in the Africa ecosystem.
What kind of services will I have access to in this program?

You will have access to Smile Identity solutions that include: Basic KYC, Biometric KYC, Enhanced KYC, SmartSelfie™ Authentication and Document Verification

How do I get access to my usage credit upon my selection to the program?

Upon selection to the Smile For Success Program, you will be required to do the following:

  • Create an account on the Smile Identity portal.
  • Complete business KYC process
  • Pre-fund your Smile Identity wallet with $500 and have a payment card on file to activate your $10,000 Smile usage credits.
  • Voila! You are live!
Is there an expiration duration to my Smile usage credits?

Yes, the Smile usage credits expire 6months after being issued.

What happens if i exhaust my $10,000 usage credit before the end of the program?

Upon exhaustion, you will be transitioned to a contracted or pay-as-you-go pricing plan based on your verification volume/usage.

Can i share my account credentials with another team?

You can not share your Smile Identity login and integration credentials with anyone else.