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Enhanced KYC + SmartSelfie™

Don't just know your customers, trust them.

Acquire and verify new users with just a selfie and basic information. No documents required.

See how SmartSelfie™ works

Combine Enhanced KYC with SmartSelfie™ for accelerated onboarding and growth

Confirm that user-submitted ID information actually belongs to the person who is submitting it.

Some features

  • Mobile App Onboarding

    Smile Mobile SDKs (iOS and Android) easily integrate into your app signup flow and are designed to work in low / no bandwidth environments and synch when back online.

  • Agent Based Onboarding

    Our Agent mode enables your branch and field agents to quickly register and verify a user in any environment.

  • Web Based Onboarding

    Smile’s Web SDKs and Server Side Libraries make it easy to integrate KYC into any web or mobile web application directly server to server.

Use Cases

  • Account

    Combine or sequence onboarding steps to optimize your conversion funnel

  • Application

    Perform biometric checks in seconds to ensure you are only signing up real users

  • Program

    Administer Government and NGO programs at scale with tools to register or verify the identity of millions of beneficiaries.

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Forward-thinking brands use Smile Identity to securely verify their customers’ identities through ID documents, selfies, and government databases

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Framework Agnostic

Integrate with the Technology You Prefer

Whether you’re onboarding users to an Android, iOS, or hybrid mobile app; or performing KYC from a server based or web application written in Java, .NET, PHP, Python, or other language, Smile Identity has an SDK for you to get you up and running quickly!

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