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ID Verification & Enhanced KYC

Meet your KYC and Identity Verification Requirements Quickly and Reliably.

Smile Identity can perform KYC and Identity Verification backed by National Identity Databases for dozens of ID types across Africa.

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Smile connects to more National Identity Databases than any other service in Africa

Combining reliable modern APIs, machine learning-based fraud detection, de-biased face recognition and trusted relationships with governments in Africa’s largest economies, Smile is the most robust KYC provider in Africa.

  • Verify User Submitted ID Info

    Check and match ID Numbers, Names, and DOBs against National ID databases

  • Support for Major ID Types

    Smile has support for most of the major ID types in Africa's largest markets: National IDs, Voter IDs, Drivers Licenses, and more.

  • Biometric Verification

    Perform an ID verification with just an ID number and a user submitted selfie

Use Cases

  • Banking and Lending

    Perform multi-tiered KYC to match local central bank onboarding requirements.

  • Money Transfer and Remittance

    Quickly and securely perform KYC to satisfy internal and external stakeholders with SDKs for easy integration into mobile apps.

  • Trading and Betting

    Manage risk while expanding access with a variety of textual and biometric data sources to confirm KYC when opening accounts for new users.

Framework Agnostic

Integrate with the Technology You Prefer

Whether you’re onboarding users to an Android, iOS, or hybrid mobile app; or performing KYC from a server based or web application written in Java, .NET, PHP, Python, or other language, Smile Identity has an SDK for you to get you up and running quickly!

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