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biometric authentication

Help your customers protect their accounts with Biometric 2FA.

More convenient and secure than text messages and authenticator apps. Biometric 2FA is the best way to protect your customer’s data.

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  • Easy registration and updating

    Allow your customers to quickly and easily add or update a registered selfie as part of account creation or management.

  • Fraud prevention

    Stop fakes with built-in liveness checks so you can be sure you are granting access to the right person.

  • Multi-device support

    Smile Identity’s Web SDKs and Server Side Libraries make it easy to integrate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) into any web or mobile application.

Use Cases

  • New User

    Allow your customers to easily register a selfie for a second authentication check as part of creating a new account.

  • Multi-tiered

    Use biometric authentication as an additional check for higher security functions such as money transfer or data deletion.

  • Account

    Use biometric authentication as a quick and secure way to allow your customers to regain access to their accounts if they have lost or forgotten their password.

Framework Agnostic

Integrate with the Technology You Prefer

Whether you’re onboarding users to an Android, iOS, or hybrid mobile app; or performing KYC from a server based or web application written in Java, .NET, PHP, Python, or other language, Smile Identity has an SDK for you to get you up and running quickly!

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