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Fraud attempts are on the rise

Text messages can be easily intercepted, and passwords can be guessed or phished. Users expect the platforms they use to offer utmost security, but without compromising the customer experience.

There is a more convenient and secure way to reduce fraud

More convenient and secure than passwords, text messages, and authenticator apps, Smile Identity’s Biometric Authentication protects your customers' accounts from fraud and account theft with Biometric 2-Factor Authentication. Authenticate users with only a selfie, and prevent fraud with built-in multi-platform liveness checks, available both natively on mobile and in the browser.

How it works

Our Solutions

Products to help you with biometric authentication

  • SmartSelfie™ Authentication

    We authenticate your users with our innovative facial verification technology which combines face matching, liveness and spoof checks, all with a high rate of accuracy.

    Learn more about SmartSelfie™ Authentication

Smile Identity’s liveness checks, identity verification, and AI-aided fraud detection service have allowed us to focus on other important things while effortlessly providing an onboarding and ID verification experience that is easy, frictionless, and compliant.

Babs Ogundeyi

Babs Ogundeyi

CEO, Kuda Bank

Find out how you can start verifying your users in under 4 seconds.

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