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Identity theft is the fastest growing type of fraud

With new techniques cropping up frequently, fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated. As a business, common identity theft attacks such as account takeover could risk your revenue and platform trust.

Ensure your customers are protected

By using Smile Identity’s wide array of fraud detection and prevention solutions you can ensure your customers are safe during onboarding and when performing high risk transactions. Our algorithms are able to verify the authenticity of user provided ID documents against national ID authorities and official document libraries as well as curb spoof attempts with face matching and liveness checks.

How it works

Our Solutions

Products that help prevent fraud

  • Biometric KYC

    We match a user-submitted selfie to the photo on file in an ID authority database, so you can be sure that your users are who they say they are.

    Learn more about Biometric KYC

  • Basic KYC

    Verify that the personal information submitted by your users matches what is stored in the ID authority database. We return a value of match, partial match, or no match.

    Learn more about Basic KYC

  • SmartSelfie™ Authentication

    We authenticate your users with our innovative facial verification technology which combines face matching, liveness and spoof checks, all with a high rate of accuracy.

    Learn more about SmartSelfie™ Authentication

  • Enhanced KYC

    We query a user’s identity information at an official ID authority, using their ID number, and returns that information.

    Learn more about Enhanced KYC

  • Document Verification

    We verify the authenticity of 142 IDs across 100 countries to validate the identity of your customers.

    Learn more about Document Verification

Smile Identity enables us to onboard customers more securely, mitigating fraud risks and allowing for a more confident business growth…No instance of fake identity or related fraud has occurred since Smile was fully implemented.

Pravesh Jugun

Pravesh Jugun

Business Process Senior Manager, Aspira

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