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Operating in many countries makes it hard to meet KYC regulations

When you do business online you must be able to quickly and reliably perform multi-tiered KYC checks in order to meet regulatory compliance requirements, manage risk, and satisfy internal and external stakeholders. Manual processes of running KYC checks cost a company time and money as they hire a due diligence team and attempt to build and maintain relationships with various key identity authorities.

Reliably perform real-time ID checks across Africa

Combining reliable modern APIs, machine learning-based fraud detection, de-biased face recognition and trusted relationships with governments in Africa’s largest economies, Smile Identity can perform real time digital KYC and identity verification for dozens of ID types across Africa.

How it works

Our Solutions

Products to help you with KYC compliance

  • Enhanced KYC

    We query a user’s identity information at an official ID authority, using their ID number, and returns that information.

    Learn more about Enhanced KYC

  • Document Verification

    We verify the authenticity of 142 IDs across 100 countries to validate the identity of your customers.

    Learn more about Document Verification

  • Basic KYC

    Verify that the personal information submitted by your users matches what is stored in the ID authority database. We return a value of match, partial match, or no match.

    Learn more about Basic KYC

  • Biometric KYC

    We match a user-submitted selfie to the photo on file in an ID authority database, so you can be sure that your users are who they say they are.

    Learn more about Biometric KYC

What is great is that Smile Identity has a close relationship with regulatory bodies. By working with Smile, we are well equipped to ensure we are compliant, and streamline our onboarding.

Chirag Garg

Chirag Garg

Product Manager, Umba

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