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Go Global with Document Verification: Introducing our Newest Product to Verify Identity

Accept 142 IDs across 100 countries in Africa, Europe and North America with Smile Identity: one integration to cover your geographic ambitions with compliance and security

2021 has been a record-breaking year for fintech in Africa on multiple fronts, from funds raised to volumes clocked in payments, investments and e-commerce. Flush with resources and bolstered by demand, fintechs are setting their sights beyond their legacy markets, both in Africa and beyond.

Yet with geographic scope comes great responsibility… to preserve a signature user experience, to comply with local regulation, and to foster trust with users and regulators alike as a new entrant in a foreign market.

Cue in Document Verification.

With Document Verification, partners no longer need to worry about ID authority access in a market, whether in Africa, Europe or North America. Instead, they can simply accept an image of an ID with a selfie to onboard their customers. Document Verification helps partners comply with local record-keeping requirements without worries of forgeries, fraud or friction: Smile Identity verifies the authenticity of both user and document, and uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to return the information on the document so partners can fulfill their KYC.

Offer more choices to your customers

Our legacy products, such as Enhanced KYC, lean on an ID number to validate users’ identities. While highly popular with partners and users, this input doesn’t translate to all markets, as it has one key dependency: the ID authority database. Not all countries offer available ID databases, either for regulatory or technical reasons, meaning that partners need new solutions to onboard their users at scale across Africa and beyond.

With Document Verification, partners can now accept over 140 documents from 100 countries in Africa, Europe and North America. ID authority availability is no longer an issue and user preferences are catered for: know that South Africans are accustomed to showing their green book? Want to remain in lockstep with Ghanaian regulation and offer the new Ghana Card for onboarding? Are users asking to submit their passports instead? Want to offer remittances or digital banking to the diaspora in the US, Canada, and Europe?

Document Verification has you covered.

Comply with local regulation

Some compliance regimes require the onboarding entity to keep a copy of a physical ID of their users in their records. Smile Identity enables partners to meet this compliance requirement: they can either use Document Verification to onboard their users end-to-end or, where they already leverage an ID authority database connection, add Document Verification to our other onboarding flows

Beat fraud better

We run a host of checks on the document to make sure it’s legitimate, such as textual matching and looking for watermarks. Our extra secret sauce, however, is SmartSelfie™. This is our proprietary facial verification technology, which lets us compare a user’s selfie to the image on the document in a debiased, highly accurate manner: SmartSelfie™ has a 99.9% accuracy rate on African faces, causing our false approval/rejection rate to be 1.5% more accurate than Amazon Rekog, the industry benchmark. Higher accuracy means less fraud but also lower customer acquisition costs, higher conversion, and better business.

Curious to learn more about Document Verification? Speak with us! We are always happy to chat.